HGL Dragonfly Acquisition Card

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The Dragonfly8 acquisition cards are robust, highly accurate acquisition cards ideal for vibration and sound recording and measurement. Capable of sampling at up to a 250kHz sample rate, these acquisition cards were developed in response to a need for a small, portable, and highly accurate acquisition card within the aerospace industry. With multiple signal conditioning options, flexibility is a key component in the design of these cards. Controlled over Ethernet, the Dragonflyacquisition cards are network based by design, allowing for multiple cards to be used simultaneously with ease.



Signal Conditioning

The Dragonfly requires the use of a signal conditioning card. A number of conditioning modules are available for the Dragonfly as listed below:



Input Channels 8
  Per Channel 16/24-bit Sigma-delta A to D converter
  Sample Rate 2-256kHz (100kHz bandwidth) Synchronous 
Output Channels 0
Host connectivity   Ethernet
Power Supply   PoE or external 12-28V
Dimensions   5.5"L x 4"W x .5"H


Input Support


Voltage Range ±10V. ±1V, ±0.1V (under software control)
  Coupling AC & DC
  Input Impedance >1MΩ
  Noise 16bit SNR > 95dB
    24bit SNR > 120dB
  Sample Rate Selectable between 5kHz and 256kHz
IEPE Supply Current


  Compliance Voltage 1-24V Maximum
  Instrumentation Impedance 4kΩ Maximum



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Input Channels 4 or 8
Output Channels 0
Input Connections BNC or 8 pin Lemo
Dimensions 100mm (W) x 44mm (H) x 75mm (D)
Host Connection Ethernet
Power POE or external 12-28V
Input Support
Standard Ranges +/-10V. +/-1V, 0.1V (under software control)
Coupling AC & DC
Input Impedance >100kOhm
SNR >90dB
Sample Rate Selectable between 5kHz and 200kHz (standard). Downsampling of individual channels
available through the standard software
Current 4mA
Voltage 1-24V max
Impedance 4kOhm max