HGL Dragonfly Analog Out Card


Output card:
8 channels, 24 bit resolution
Sample rates 5000 ñ 200,000 per channel, settable in approx 1 Hz steps
Sample rate tolerance: absolute < 50 ppm
Synched to DF24 ADC, 0 ppm (phase locked)
Signal max / THD+Noise > 94dB
Frequency response†: DC ñ 80kHz (+0.2 ñ 1dB)
Output source impedance 50R
Output level: no load 6V pp, 50R load 3Vpp
Output protection: continuous short, external voltage up to 100V by 62mA internal fuse (only valid withouth output conditioning)
Power supply : POE or 12V DC
Maximum replay file size: 4 Gsamples, (96 Gbytes)


The Dragonfly8 analog output cards are robust, highly accurate output cards ideal for vibration and sound playback to external equipment. Capable of outputting at up to a 200kHz sample rate, these output cards were developed in response to a need for a small, portable, and highly accurate analog output card within the aerospace industry. Controlled over Ethernet, the Dragonfly8 analog output cards are network based by design, allowing for multiple cards to be used simultaneously with ease.



Output  channels 8 @ 24-bit resolution
  source impedance 50Ω
  protection continuous short, external voltage up to 100V protected by internal fuse
  level no load 6V, 50Ω load 3V
Sample rate minimum 5000Hz per channel

200,000Hz per channel

  increment ≈1Hz
Synchronization  0 ppm LVDS
Noise SNR > 94dB
Frequency Response   DC to 80kHz + 0.2 @ 1dB
Power Supply    PoE or external 6-30V DC


FE-1402-OP optional conditioning module specifications

Amplifier  Channel 8 identical output amplifiers
Input Impedance 1MΩ single ended inputs from Dragonfly.
  Coupling DC
  Level typically +/-V from Dragonfly
  F.S. Ranges Programmable 50mV, 100mV, 200mV, 500mV, 1V, 2V, 5V, 10V peak

±0.1%. T.C.<25ppm/°C.

  Linearity better than 0.01%
Frequency Range  Bandwidth DC to 100kHz -3dB
Output Voltage Capability ±10V into 2kΩ, 5000pF max.
  Noise <50µV RMS DC - 100kHz measurement bandwidth.



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