HGL PoE Switch Card


HGL's custom designed PoE capable switch was developed out of a need for a compact and rugged switch.
It is IEEE 802.3af-2003 compliant. The small profile of the switch card allows us to design a custom enclosure that will best suit you. You can even create your own enclosure.
Our switch is ideal for:
  • PoE powered security cameras
  • VOIP phone system with PoE powered receivers
  • Saving power by utilizing PoE instead of wall wart DC power supplies
Presuming a standard switch:
10 Gbit Ethernet ports
8 with PoE (@13W)
Dimensions: twice that of a standard extruded dragonfly (may change to 1.5x width)
Input 12V DC at 11 A (all 8 ports PoE active at full load)
Non PoE version is about 2 A
Auto MDIX (untested!)
Forward facing LEDs
The standard switch model has the following specifications:



Ethernet connections RJ45 Quantity: 10
  W/PoE 8 @ 13W
  w/o PoE 2
Power Supply 12VDC 11A (at full load)
    2A (no PoE)
Indicators LED Forward facing LEDs




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