Network Design





Setting up a home or office computer network can be overwhelming and frustrating. There are many variables and each setup is unique.From DHCP servers to MAC control lists, the acronyms and terminology can be confusing. 


Security in any network is a critical part of its design. 

For example: While it is very useful to have a printer shared between users over a network, care must be taken to insure that the other computers are not exposed to the outside internet where a malicious attacker could compromise them and in turn have access to the printer. Here is what could happen.


Many attackers will use holes in poorly designed and/or implemented networks to gain access to internal computers and printers. It is for this reason that we design networks with security in mind from the very beginning.


Here at HGL Systems, we have knowledge and expertise in computer networking. No matter how big or how small, we can work with you and design a computer network that best suits your requirements


While working with you to design your network, we will consider all of the following options/aspects:

Whether you have 2 users in a small office that want to share a printer, or 200+ users that require VPN access from multiple different offices, HGL Systems would like to be involved in designing and implementing your company's network.



Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements and pricing.

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