HGL Systems Network Attached Storage




What is a NAS?

  • NAS, or Network Attached Storage is a computer server that facilitates collaboration and file-sharing amongst users. A NAS is a purpose built, file serving machine attached to existing network infrastructure with maximal usable disk space available to users.


Why would you use a NAS?

  • With a NAS, you can work on files as if they are stored locally on your computer, but in reality, they're on the NAS. This situation gives rise to the advantage of accessing your file from any computer, running any operating system, with access to the company network.
  • Local hard drive space on your computer is limited. A NAS device virtually expands your available storage and allows you more disk space for large files. 


HGL is pleased to offer custom, hand-built, FreeNAS-based network attached storage systems.

The benefits of a NAS device in your company:

  • Centralized storage for your entire business.
  • Ability to share large files amongst employees (1GB+) 
  • Easily accessible from all operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix)
  • Gives your company its own secure "cloud" 

Our solution:

  • Uses an industry standard software infrastructure
  • Utilizes local hardware and hosting, allowing for rapid concurrent access amongst users
  • Allows for physical security of data due to local hosting
  • Has the ability for users to access files via local network or VPN.
  • Is configurable in multiple form factors
  • Allows for storage capacities from 1TB ranging to 16TB+
  • Utilizes RAID disk configuration for fault tolerance


Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements and pricing.

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